Confessions from a Recovering _________ (I want to say Fat Ass… lol) I used to think the only way I could get back in shape was to run 50 miles a week. A decade ago when I competed in half marathons, I was in the best shape of my life. Ten years and two kids later, I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I'd never feel that way again. Between family, graduate school and my job, there was no way I had time to run for hours and hours a week. After several failed attempts to start back with a more reasonable cardio or weightlifting regimen –remember, I’m really, really busy– I was hopeless. I felt trapped in an uncomfortable body with little to no energy and a dwindling sense of motivation. That all changed when I started Solid Body. For the past seven months, I’ve been going to Solid Body classes consistently for 3-5 days/week. And with just 3 to 5 hours a week, I’ve become stronger than I ever thought possible. I feel that I’m in better shape now than I was at any point in my running career. And I have much more muscle definition. It feels amazing to be able to do pull-ups (couldn’t even do an assisted pull up when I started), push-ups and to keep adding weight to the barbell. I have muscle definition I never thought possible –and my metabolism has skyrocketed! Although I don’t eat like total crap, I really don’t watch my diet very strictly. I can’t even imagine how great I’d feel if I had the discipline to optimize my diet as well. Before I started, I had gained so much weight that I had to squeeze into my clothes. I refused to buy clothes in a bigger size, reasoning the discomfort would force me to exercise. I spent two years being uncomfortable and frustrated with myself every single day. Now, I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size and even wearing dresses I wore in high school (they’re actually back in style!). If I had realized how beneficial weight lifting was, I would never have let myself feel so bad for so long. Now that I’ve made the change, I truly feel incredible. I look forward to going to class, even though it kicks your butt most days. But every class, you’re with other people who are working just as hard, and Mike is there motivating us to push harder. Mike’s energy is contagious! He creates an atmosphere where you want to work your hardest and push your limits, but he’s also there help modify exercises or give you advice on how to recover when your body is beaten down. I just can’t say enough about how instrumental Solid Body has been in improving my quality-of-life. Every aspect of my life has improved since I got my butt back in shape. I’m no longer worried about fitting into clothes or feeling like crap every day. I was really depressed about it and my life was affected in ways I hadn’t even realized.


I'm nearly 64 years old, I have RA, and my results have been amazing. I haven't had a flare since beginning bootcamp classes in October 2011. I look and feel better than i have in years.

Tom Wisenall, Kenton Co.

When I first started training with Mike I was so out of shape, I became exhausted after only 15 minutes. Mike took time to find out why I decided to train and what i wanted to accomplish. He advised me about diet as well, so it wasn't just about working out. I have worked up to one hour sessions and Mike has encouraged me to push myself a little further--that's where the workout pays off!! Now I participate in 5K's with my friends, this couch potato has come a long way!

Rae Bingamen-10 year Client

Mike is an expert when it comes to strength and agility traing for specific sports. Both of my sons have had the pleasure of working with Mike and both have showed major improvements by the end of each session. Mike does a great job of keeping you busy without coming across like a drill sergeant. Anytime a parent or player asks me who i would recommend for strength and agility training I am quick to refer them to Mike. I have watched him work and seen the results.

Todd Downs, Coach, Boone County HS