90 Day Transformation

Programs will be based on the macro system, and you will be educated how to build meals using Lose It App.Mike will provide you with the amount of protein, carbs and fats per meal that you need to hit for the day, and you can build a diverse plan using the diet calculator through Lose It App. You’ll be provided a couple meals and as always are just a message away from help or guidance. If you have any questions email..All programs include unlimited emails, all adjustments to the macros, constant monitoring, custom training, cardio types and times and supplement advice and recommendations—all in effort to create a one stop shop.

After evaluating the health questionnaire the gut reset program will be included in 90 day transformation. This may include a 30 minute evaluation. 

You receive in depth instructions...

Weekly picture Check Ins with detailed conversation as far as how well you followed plan, how many workouts you completed, your weight, and how you’re feeling:..

Yes I’ll also have you complete a health questionnaire $300. For 90 Days

Half of the clientele I work with on the 60-180 Day programs are out of state and I’ll develop workout programs based on the facility or equipment they have access too. If you live in the area you’ll have full access to my facility for 90 days. 24/7 

Again I can develop a program based on your needs.

For example many women want to focus on their glutes and seek to have a tighter more toned buttox, the program will then include routines to target all three muscles of the gluteal region.

What Solid Body Is All About


At Solid Body we work in stations providing opportunities for you to work at your own pace. Stations also allow you to remain focused and not worry about those around you affecting your Solid Body experience.


Solid Body Personal Training provides a supportive community. We are a smaller gym, which provides us with the opportunity to create a tight-knit community within our gym. At Solid Body you will always be greeted with friendly and familiar faces. You will always have someone their to support you during your workouts


classes allow all fitness levels and ages to participate and fully benefit. This creates an atmosphere where other individuals will not impact your experience.


Solid Body Personal Training is partnered with AdvoCare to provide you the opportunity to create a fitness plan that is designed for you. We will also give you direct access to any nutritional supplements you may need on your quest to get fit.